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The German Maritime Museum (DSM) is a foundation with legal capacity under civil law and, being a research museum, a member of the Leibniz Association.

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Prof. Dr. Ruth Schilling (Managing Director), N. N. (Commercial Director)

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Prof. Dr. Ruth Schilling

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Susanne Kiel M.A. - Dr. Kathrin Kleibl M.A.

The research is funded by:
German Lost Art Foundation

German Lost Art Foundation. Link to the web page

Funding period:
Ongoing since October 2018

Image credits for the banner on the home page (from left to right):
Auction of Jewish property in Lörrach - City Archive Lörrach, Shelf mark StaLö2.43.7.
Page from the auction protocol concerning the removal goods of Leo Bernstein from Berlin by the Hamburg bailiff's office in 1941 - Hamburg State Archives, Shelf mark 214-1_151 Leo Bernstein, Berlin.
Example of loading a liftvan in the port of Hamburg (here onto the SELBY) - Speicherstadtmuseum Hamburg, HHLA archives, Photographer: Gustav Werbeck.

Additional image credits for images on the home page:
Image: Multiple blue files - NDR.
Image: Opened file - NDR.

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Solvatec GmbH
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10407 Berlin

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