The LostLift Database

Declaration on
Digital Accessibility

We strive to make this web presence accessible. The declaration of accessibility is required by the Bremischen Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz (Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities Act). The technical requirements for accessibility are derived from BITV 2.0.

This digital accessibility statement applies to the basic functions (basic structure, navigation, page structure, mobile view, additional modules and functions) of the online database

How accessible is the website?
The legal basis at the time of the development of the website was Bremische Barrierefreie Informationstechnik-Verordnung ( Bremen Accessible Information Technology Directive, BremBITV).

Unfortunately, not all content could be made permanently and completely accessible so far, so that certain content does not fully comply with the currently valid BITV 2.0. External certification of accessibility has not yet been carried out; the declaration is based on a self-assessment by the public entity.

If you encounter content that is not available in an accessible manner, please contact us and we will endeavor to provide a suitable alternative.

This statement was created on February, 2th 2023.

Do you want to report barriers or access issues?
We want to make our information available to everyone. Feel free to let us know where and what barriers you have encountered in our services.

To do so, please write us an e-mail at:,

For general questions and comments about digital accessibility you can also contact us at:

Contact the Central Office for Accessible Information Technology (Arbitration Board)
If you have not received a response to your report of non-accessible content from us within two weeks, you can contact the Central Office for Accessible Information Technology as the enforcement body in the state of Bremen.

If you are impaired by a lack of accessibility in the use of digital presences and offers of public agencies of the state of Bremen, the central office supports you ยง 16 BremBGG.

You can apply to the conciliation board for the initiation of conciliation proceedings. The conciliation procedure is free of charge. There is no need to engage legal counsel.

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